Recruiting the Right Candidate


Filling the right candidate for a job placement can be difficult, time-consuming and quite expensive. But, spending time and effort coming up with an effective recruitment strategy to reach skilled jobseekers is essential to acquire quality hires that will contribute positively to the development and growth of your business. This is more evident when you take the time to calculate the costs of a bad hire.

To assist you make the most of your recruitment process and recruit the best fit for your vacancy, here are the some steps that are needful.

Choose Your Selection Process

Deciding on a selection process is very important for recruitment success. It is vital to enable you decide your measured time frame that you will spend to find and recruit a new hire. The best approach is to allocate the time and dates of screening applicant, interviews and make sure you offer candidates a clear, quick and consistent selection process. For each position, the recruitment process is likely to be different but as long as you have a clear plan of how you want to proceed, you are good to go.

Decide the Criteria of the Person

You should decide what skills you expect the right candidate to possess. Putting into consideration the role and your company culture and work environment, you should determine the personal criteria needed for the job. This will help you make an informed decision regarding a candidate’s suitability and decide whether or not they are a good fit for the position.

Create an Advert for the Job

The job advert gives you the opportunity to attract the most qualified job hunters, provided that it is a good advert. You will need to create a vivid job description and explain what the responsibilities and duties of the role are. Here, you refer to what is expected from the job applicants in terms of skills, experience and knowledge. For the job advert to be juicy, you need to present your company as the ideal place to work explaining what sets you apart from other employers.

Schedule and Conduct Job Interviews

Posting your advert, you have to choose a media that is cost effective and with the quickest time response considering your timeline. is a perfect platform at no cost and with the quickest access to the resume bank; you can headhunt on the go. Expect lots of responses from jobseekers to apply for the job. Whether you choose to carry out a face-to-face interview or phone screening, your approach largely depends on how complex and difficult the requirements are to find, also how thorough you want to be when assessing candidates’ skills. As long as it involves interviewing, the best type of questions are behavioral questions that reveal the information you want about candidates  and encourage the candidate to expand on an answer and provide specific examples instead of relying on a yes or a no.

Perform Background Checks

This is the time to perform your background checks on candidates who successfully went through the interview and showed real potential. Background checks are very important as they can give you essential information about candidates that you would not get looking at their resume or during an interview. So when you need to decide between two candidates, background checks can help you choose the best fit.

It is important to ensure you make quality hires that will prove to be a valuable addition to your team.

So, what’s your plan for recruiting qualified individuals?

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